Welcome! This post is the first of a series. I decided we need to determine our starting point before we develop a successful plan to organize your home. How do we know where we are going if we don’t know where we started or how we got there, right?

organized home planning where to start
You are here.

So I encourage you to join me on this first step in our home organization journey by identifying your biggest challenges to an organized home. Personally, I identified 6 main challenges I need to address before I can successfully work toward a cozy organized home.

Challenge # 1 – No Plan of Attack

For too long I have not had any real plan of attack to tackle my messy monster. Due to other obligations, my family and I have gotten out of the habit of a regular housekeeping schedule.

For this reason I find myself consistently working on one area of my home, only to find another area put in disarray again. So I definitely need to put some sort of plan in place to prevent this. I will try to have several ideas for addressing this in a future post.

Challenge #2 – Lack Systems and Schedules

For many different reasons, of which I will get to in future posts, my family and I have gotten admittedly bad at keeping up a regular housekeeping schedule lately. While doing so seemed necessary at the time, it is definitely time to get back to keeping a regular tidying, cleaning, and organizing schedule.

Housekeeping mopping
Need to do household chores more often

Doing so will definitely help lay the foundation for organizing my home again. I need to set our household back up with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning and maintenance schedules for our home. Again I will try to have strategies and products to help us all do that in future posts.

Challenge #3 – No Consistency

One of my biggest challenges is definitely failure to consistently delegate tasks to other household members, especially my kids (who are currently 9 years and 4 years old). Deep down, I know that delegating chores to my children is necessary, but too often I feel that it faster and easier to just do it my self.

Yet I must admit that I am doing a disservice to both myself and my children by constantly doing this. I need to delegate to get more done in less time and maintain that in the long run. So back to a chore list, schedule and strategy. I’m definitely going to have to get creative in this area.

Challenge #4 – Too Much Stuff

My next three challenges essentially go hand in hand. We have too much stuff for the space. We have too many items without a designated home. Plus we have too many items that have a designated home, but are not placed there.

organized home bookshelf
Books are one of our biggest culprits. What are yours?

As for the too much stuff part, I have begun to work on this area little by little, but I need to set a more definite plan of action. I need to give myself deadlines and daily tasks to make more progress in less time in this area. Again I will try to go more in-depth into my strategies in a future post.

Challenge #5 – Too Much Without a Home

Throughout our home we have so many items that we do not yet have a designated place for. It’s obviously difficult to maintain order when you have an accumulation of items that are left out because no one knows what to do with them.

For my household, I think tackling this area needs to be more of a three-pronged approach. We need to come up with a designated place or places to contain the various items that need homes. We need to set periodic deadlines for going through those items without homes. Finally, we all need to get in the habit of using the system we set in place.

Challenge #6 – Too Much Not Put Away

Finally, my entire family, including myself, needs to just get better at putting away belongings as we use them. We are all so bad about taking something out and forgetting or just simply being too lazy to put them back.

clutter shoes
Too much not put away

So this final challenge will likely take more of a creative approach of overcoming bad habits by replacing them with new better habits. Since this one is a long time in the making though, it may take more trial and error to come up with a system that works for us long term.

Congratulations, We Are Ready to Make a Plan

So that is all we have! We have figured out our starting point. We are now ready to make a workable plan destined for success. If you are following along and have identified your biggest challenges, then you’ll be ready to do the same on the next post of this series!

As always please leave a comment below if you have any ideas, questions, or feedback! I love to hear from my followers and am happy to help or listen to suggestions! Have a blessed day and see you again soon!

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