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Amy Cain


Hi. My name is Amy Cain and I am the founder of This Cozy Organized Home based in Greenville, Michigan. I am just a regular mom like most of you who struggles daily to manage the chaos of home and family. In an effort to create more calm from the chaos, I am on a mission to find some of the best home storage and organization solutions, tips, and inspiration that the web has to offer. This site is the result of that endeavor. My hope is that it may be a blessing to others.


As many of you may have, I grew tired of welcoming unexpected guest to my home with the repeated disclaimer of “Come on in, please just don’t judge me for my mess!” Truthfully that constant clutter began to add a sense of anxiety to my life. It was always there and no matter how much I tried to tackle it here and there, I just could not seem to find an end.

That desire for a calm and organized home led to my mission to seek, find, and develop the inspiration, tips, and products I needed to finally overcome the constant clutter and achieve victory once and for all over my mess monster! Being a person of a naturally generous and sharing spirit, it felt natural to share my experiences with others who might be tackling the same issues.

That is how This Cozy Organized Home was born. May you find all the information and products you need to help you solve the clutter puzzle in your own home. I firmly believe we all deserve the sense of accomplishment and relief that I know a cozy and organized home will provide! So happy journey and may you overcome your mess monster too!


The mission of This Cozy Organized Home is simple. We strive to help every visitor find a collection of original and curated content from all over the web in one place. I strive to be the only place you need to come to find every piece of inspiration, tips, and products to tackle your mess monster. I strive to provide design inspiration, product reviews, life hacks and more to accomplish this.

If I am doing my job right, this site will be your first stop every time you have a clutter area to tackle. Moreover, you will be inspired to share your findings with all of your friends. I hope that one by one we can create a world of calm, serene, cozy, organized homes! So down with the mess monsters! Hello to cozy organized homes!

Here at This Cozy Organized Home, I love feedback and I love assisting with any questions you may have. Feel free to post them in the comments below and I will be happy to help if needed! Otherwise, have a blessed life and I hope you find exactly what you never knew you needed here! When you do, please share your awesome experience with all your friends!

All the best,

Amy Cain, Founder


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